Friday, 13 February 2009

First post.


Here you can find images from and around The Pirate Bay trial. Starting from Sunday 15 February 2008, you can download images using Bittorrent, linked from here that are free to use for all purposes, both commercial and non-commercial. Press, bloggers and just interested individuals in filesharing & copyright questions are all welcome to use it. 

 This blog is to keep a list over available imagepacks and where to find them, as well as post updates. 

 The purpose of the project is to give everyone who are not in Stockholm during the TPB trial days a possibility to view raw news material, unedited and not filtered throught traditional media. And to have the possibility to use this material as they see fit. Within the limits of the law of your country or territory. This is of course all somewhat experimental, to see how much interest there is in free from traditional copyright restraints media. 

About the images. 

The images will all be in RAW-format (NEF and CRW) and developed JPEG. The images will all be in full resolution and maximum quality. Newspapers and tech-savvy individuals - use the RAW format. Bloggers and those who just want ot take a look - use the JPEG.

To get the pictures, you need to use a Bittorrent client. It doesn't matter which you use. 

Any of these will do (google).

If you like the images, the project idea or just want to support the photographer, please donate. 

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